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Aunt Amy’s Eggplant Bacon & Surviving Gaslighting

In searching for ways to feed myself (and him) in that period of my life, I did get to connect with my Aunt Amy more than usual. She is also vegan and discussing cooking with her during that relationship was a light in the darkness. I've kept a good handful of recipes from that time and plan to share them here and there. One of my favorites is Aunt Amy's Eggplant Bacon.

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Johnnie M. Casserole & Nebraska Nice

And this all came up because I made Johnnie M. Casserole. (Aka Goulash.) Papa loved Johnnie M. In fact, I fondly remember one day when I was at his lake house in Okoboji and I had plans to make Johnnie M. for him that evening. I had spent the entire day power-washing the three wooden decks/landings on the house. I came in, covered in dirt and wood bits and water and he, sitting at the dining room table working on a puzzle, gruffed, "Are we having Johnnie M. or what?"


Baked Chicken Over Rice & Why I’m Mad At Campbell’s Soup

This Baked Chicken Recipe is the first one I noticed the change on. This is why I've used this particular blog post to make my strong feelings known. There's nothing to be done. Except maybe cook this dish perfectly and laugh into the sky because I figured you out, Campbell's! You thought you could destroy it, but you've only made it stronger.


Sweet Potato Soufflé Topped with Fresh Anxiety

"Okay if I need two cups of potatoes and the average potato is .47 pounds, if I factor in the notion that the people shopping the store for me seem obsessed with finding the actual largest versions of all vegetables no matter my courteous and overwrought "notes" on each item in my cart and each cup of solid is approximately, uh, that means I probably need to wait, what were we talking about?"