Salsa Upside Down Eggs

Sure there’s millions of takes on toads in holes (bread! hash browns! bell peppers!) and plenty of egg casseroles with ham and cheese. But what about when you want something different. Something savory and light. Eggy and cheesy but also served in pie slices? Is that just me? I doubt it.

An Essay on the Effects of the Loss of Fluffo in Regards to Pie Crust

This magical baking relic of the past that my Millenial mouth has never tasted. But, even though I never personally experienced the magic of Fluffo, you can bet I have heard, on more than one occasion, what a tragedy the loss of its golden fatty goodness was for my family recipes. Especially Mom’s pie crust.

The Prospect’s Pesto

I have to warn you. There’s no going back. Once you have this pesto, all other pesto will be ruined. Yes, you read that right. This is the pesto to end all pesto.

Mamaw’s Brisket, Ina’s Potatoes, & Patience

I’m not saying I always take the right path at the parental win fork in the road. But I realized right then how precious these tiny moments that seem so insignificant are. Maybe she wouldn’t have remembered this day, no matter my reaction. She’s still so young. I don’t have memories from that age.

Dayton’s Chunky Tomato Soup

When flipping through recipes I always stop a moment on Dayton’s Chunky Tomato Soup, even if I know I’m not adding it to the week’s menu. Just the title and I’m transported. There I am in the den of my childhood home. The home my grandfather purchased for his growing family in the early 60s.…