Waynesburg Oatmeal Cookies

Waynesburg is 316 acres in the mid-east of Ohio, south from Akron. I remember very little about it in actuality. I remember it feeling small. But, not in a compressed sort of way. In a freeing way. It was like traveling back in time.

Zen & The Art of Fishing and Almond Crusted Trout

Is it great to lip grab a bass and snap a picture? It is great to toss a few in the basket, hoping maybe this time we’ll catch enough for a fish dinner? It is thrilling when your son catches a fish for the first time, only to have a larger fish jump out of the water to try to grab the fish he’s pulling through the surface?


But when I think of fishing I don’t think of a taut line. I don’t think of a wild reel. I don’t think of the dance it requires to succeed.

Kiss Kiss Shrimp & The Great Balloon Liberator

My husband’s birthday was this past week. It was his second pandemic birthday. One was hard enough for my Aries, but we made it through. Hopefully this is the last he has to spend isolation from the rest of the world. He loves the world. And being in it. And I can’t wait to go back into it with him.

Turkey Spinach Puffs & A History via Pets

Angus is the King of attempting to murder me while cooking. The first time he almost succeeded, I was making these Turkey Spinach Puffs and he was being a butthole about the puff pastry – unable to decide is it was an alien here to capture his family, or a pound of butter he’d like to eat.

Butterscotch Frosting

This is a fantastic frosting for chocolate cake, especially if you serve it with a nice strong cup of coffee. Pay careful attention to the consistency. If it ends up too dry, you can always adjust and add more milk, or even a tablespoon or two of hot water, to reach that perfect spreadable state.… Continue reading Butterscotch Frosting